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April 24, 2014

The day after St George's Day

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Does England look toward the future with some fear that next year Scotland will be gone, having taken the highway forever?

What would the separation of England and Scotland mean?

A thousand problems? No English money sent to Scotland unless it's sent as foreign aid? Loneliness?

The recovery of England's name? A name meaning adventure, independence, freedom, saints, fair play, green fields, historic cities, heroism and kindness?

England, a place and a state of mind since Alfred's time.

Whatever happens when the Scots vote, George is the perfect saint for that England.

April 21, 2014

The United Kingdom is a Christian country

So said David Cameron to the agreement of a majority of the people and the glaringly publicised disagreement of 50 "humanists".

Those agreeing with the Prime Minister included--

Farooq Murad, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said nobody could deny that the UK remains a largely Christian country with "deep historical and structural links" to Christianity.

Anil Bhanot, managing director of the Hindu Council UK, said he was "very comfortable" with the UK being described as a Christian country.

Christina Rees, a member of the General Synod, the highest governing body of the Church of England, said she was glad Mr Cameron had the "confidence" to talk about his faith and was "absolutely right" to call the UK a "Christian nation". She said the UK was "historically and culturally" Christian.

Mr Murad added that "the UK would be stronger by 'recognising and celebrating' people of multiple faiths and of no faith 'living in harmony'. And indeed the United Kingdom should celebrate its tolerance. Are there Christian churches in Saudi Arabia? No. Are Christians being persecuted in every Muslim country on earth? Yes. Where would you prefer to live?

The United Kingdom is a Christian country. The teachings of Jesus inspired many British people to equality for all, fair play, generosity and compassion, liberty, and the rule of just law.

The heroism of their story is found in our book Share the Inheritance, at Amazon UK and Amazon.

Christians in China are creating the same ethos. And are on their way to becoming the most populous Christian country in the world.

Notice how the "humanists" in the United Kingdom claim there are fewer Christians here than there really are. Don't be deceived.

This is your inheritance.