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Down the garden path


Illustration by Rex Whistler (1905-1944), a dazzling artist who died during the Normandy Invasion after dashing through machine fire to obtain tank support for his men.

The post that follows is important, and grim, but somehow I have to stay centered in what is good and promising as well so I've put up a file on Beverley Nichols, whose wit and tenderness about gardens I think you'll like.

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Cat, how lovely to find Rex Whistler and Beverly Nichols on your site! I had the privilege of knowing Rex's brother Sir Laurence slightly, many years ago, and have some signed copies of his books among my proud possessions. His daughter Robin, whom I knew at Oxford, was married to the magnificent photographer Eric Ravilious, whose books on England, like Laurence's glass-engravings, richly deserve a mention at some point (when the Constitution will let you...).

As for Beverly Nichols, I may be wrong, but a nagging memory whispers that it was of him (who, after all, wrote his autobiography at 25 and called it so) that someone said later on, 'He has a great future behind him'.

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