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What Shakespeare would like


The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival stages plays in a vast tent pitched on the lawn of the Boscobel House, an 1808 mansion that stands on a hill above the Hudson.
Image: Woman Around Town

I think Shakepseare would like how the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival aims to produce his plays -

We communicate the stories with energy, clarity and invention and we distill rather than embellish the language and action.

Terry Teachout of the Wall Street Journal says that the ideal is brilliantly achieved at this year's summer productions of Pericles and Much Ado About Nothing.


With his penchant for exotic settings, I think Shakespeare would have liked the river named for explorer Henry Hudson, who sailed below the site of yet-to-be-built Boscobel House in 1609.

Image: Bridge and Tunnel Club

I also think he'd like the Globe's 2009 season. More about that later, I hope.

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