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Cartoonists in Shrewsbury


'Quiet, dear, your Dad's trying to EVOLVE. Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival

One of the oddest, most beguiling events of the year kicks off. . .with the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival. For two days the historic town square is colonised by enormous white drawing boards on which professional cartoonists — over the past few years Bill Stott, Martin Honeysett, Andy Davey, Roger Penwill, Noel Ford and other masters — labour to produce giant coloured jokes, beautifully executed on a ridiculously large scale; gallant figures they are, usually wearing gardeners’ kneepads and groaning a bit, while an entranced public looks on.
The Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival ran April 24th to 25th. Missed it, hope to catch it next year!

Here's David's post on a fabulous tribe, British cartoonists.

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