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The long leap to Broadway

The other day, our niece and her horse took the jumps at Hickstead then visited Shawford. (He was a fine sight, eating clover and beech leaves with gusto, while she walked him.) The art of caring for and riding a horse is both a labour and an art and resembles all the arts in requiring hours of time and love. It also requires teamwork - between rider and horse and, in this case, a very supportive mother. Hard work and teamwork are also vital to theatre.

Kneehigh, a theatre company which first opened its productions in a barn in Cornwall, is now taking its 'wonder-filled' story-telling to Broadway. The headline writer called it a short hop, but it was really a long, gorgeous leap made possible by hours - years- of work and love. The story of Kneehigh's journey is here.

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