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We're back - and the hacking tale continues to expand, like a universe

And it is "deliciously counterintuitive" - Megan Mcardle, writing in the Atlantic -

I have been somewhat skeptical of the claims that the Murdoch scandals are going to jump the Atlantic, because my sense has always been that the British press really is different – far more aggressive and edgy than their American cousins. This sort of phone hacking has been widespread there for a long time. SCOTLAND YARD HAS NOW EXPANDED ITS INVESTIGATION TO 31 PUBLICATIONS AND HUNDREDS OF JOURNALISTS,, a fact that has gone largely unremarked by those who were extremely interested in the case right up to the point where the evidence started suggesting that this was a British problem, not a Murdoch problem.

If it is indeed a British problem, however, the question is: why? Some of the suggestions that have suggested themselves are obvious, others deliciously counterintuitive. British libel law, for example, is actually much stricter than US libel law. But a twitter correspondent suggests that this may, paradoxically, have encouraged hacking: you can’t take the risk of reporting something that’s false, so instead you go to illegal lengths to report things that are true.

Thanks to Instapundit for the link.

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