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Hidden rivers, hidden heroes


Image: Rod Williams/Alamy

"A peaceful, poignant spot near St Paul’s Cathedral, Postman’s Park on King Edward Street, EC1, pays tribute to the otherwise unheralded people who sacrificed their lives to save others. A series of tiles details their selfless, fatal acts of heroism – expect to be engrossed and moved."

Or, "Wander the trail of London's hidden waterways 
Modern-day visitors are often ignorant of the trail of buried rivers that surge beneath the city's surface - did you know a river runs directly beneath Buckingham Palace? Our feature on these secret conduits reveals the surprising ways they've shaped the city and where you can see them today; read it to understand how Peckham Rye got its name, and why The Oval is oval."

The Telegraph describes 100 wonderful places and people to discover in London.

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