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Saluting jailed Sgt Nightingale

For years Danny Nightingale served bravely and honourably with the SAS. As a medic, he invented "a new field dressing which is now used by the SAS, the American Delta Force, and Britain's ambulance service". Danny is now serving time in a military prison because he forgot he had a Glock pistol, given to him by Iraqis in tribute to his skill in defending them from Al-Qaeda. He forgot because he had experienced a brain trauma while trying to raise money for a soldiers' charity. His wife and small daughters are alone, and in danger of losing their Army home.

I think we can fairly say this is a cock-up. Judge Advocate Alistair McGrigor has acted with lunacy, and his decision should be overturned.

Danny Nightingale is a hero and a benefactor, and we wish him a huge silver lining as this cloud passes from him.

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