We are writing to you because you have defended the gifts we describe in our book Share the Inheritance and because we have a special request to make. Fair warning! But we hope you will keep on reading.

We created Share the Inheritance because, as you are keenly aware, the gifts and others are under attack. We are appalled that many schools never teach children about the Inheritance, which is their birthright. We are deeply concerned that media, government, big business and assorted extremists in Britain and America are denigrating the gifts.

SHARE THE INHERITANCE exhilarating history

Book cover

A new interpretation of 2,000-plus years of history, SHARE THE INHERITANCE illuminates the purpose and promise of the gifts. Uniquely we focus on historical gifts, and the little-known facts behind them, rather than on problems. We evoke the men and women in Britain and America who triumphed over hatred and oppression to create the Inheritance.

The book's unique format is packed with gold nuggets of information and little-known facts, a timeline, a study guide and 125 beautiful and significant color images. We describe the purpose and promise of 27 practical and mystical gifts -- freedom, fair play, delight in reason, kindness, the covenant between leader and people, the right to self-defence, common law, constitutional government, honesty, opportunity, the free economy, friendship, forgiveness and trust.

We believe this book will interest children, and give sophisticated readers a new source of strength as it refreshes their understanding of crucial ideas and events. Surprising facts are footnoted, and we reveal the inspiration of Christianity and the influence of several cultures on the Inheritance.

We feel so strongly about the Inheritance and the book we have written that we are asking you to buy a copy for yourself and share it with a child.

A scientist instantly understood the importance of reaching young readers. Physicist Freeman Dyson of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, emailed, "I like your book very much, and will bring it with me the next time I visit my grandchildren".

The comments of other readers give us hope that you, too, will find real riches i this book.

A "SPLENDID and very useful publication." Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, Church of England

"IT HAS A FORMAT AND STYLE I HAVE NEVER BEFORE ENCOUNTERED with facts I didn't know. IT HAS GIVEN ME RENEWED respect for my own country." Lindsay Jenkins, Investigative Journalist, Author, London

"A METICULOUS LABOR OF LOVE and a paean of praise to true liberty." James Hodge,
Professor Emeritus of German, Department Chairman, Bowdoin College, Maine

"SIMPLY WONDERFUL and brilliantly presented." The Revd Gregory Benton, Ontario, Canada

"A DELIGHT. . .draws together some of the key lessons of Anglo-American history." Roger Helmer MEP, Chairman Emeritus, Freedom Association, UK

"A VISION which will preserve all that is best in our heritage. . .Don't take my word for it. Read Share the Inheritance for yourself." From the Foreword by Baroness Cox of Queensbury

Share the Inheritance was printed in Britain. Including shipping, the book sells to UK readers for £12.99 and to US and Canadian readers for $22.99.

You can purchase a book by sending a cheque to our address below, ordering it from P&G Wells Bookshop, Winchester 01962 852 016 or by going to



We hope you will.

With our thanks and every good wish,

David and Catherine Abbott
Kingsmere Meadow
Hampshire SO21 2BL
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